Beatles Festivalen in Beitostølen, Norway

One of my favorite annual gigs is a small Beatles festival held at the SAS Radisson Hotel in the ski resort town of Beitostølen, Norway. This cozy event takes place in October with scenery that is absolutely amazing. The drive from Bergen takes about 7-8 hours but what a ride it is! I can still feel the astonishment I felt the first time we made the trip. The entire region is a prime example as to why Norway is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. All that aside, the Beatles festival itself is quite nice and cozy. With it’s laid back schedule of events and small attendance, it’s a far cry from the large crowds that pack Beatlefest and Abbey Road On The River in the USA. Because of this, it makes for a more relaxed atmosphere. There are a few vendors who attend (lots of imports for this Yankee to dig through) as well as special guests like Beatles author Mark Lewishon (2014), Norwegian singer Tor Endresen (who sang a few songs with Brian and I in 2015) as well as the ever friendly ex-Beatle Pete Best (whom I’ve met several times….2016). I have to say my favorite part is performing in the pub. The Scandinavians are some of the most welcoming people and they LOVE to sing along with the music.

Here’s Brian and I performing “Here Comes The Sun” on the back deck of the hotel. What a gorgeous day it was!

257 thoughts on “Beatles Festivalen in Beitostølen, Norway

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