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Private Parties And Seasons


Some of my favorite gigs have been performed in backyards, living rooms or even high atop the Swiss Alps. The coziness which comes with setting up in someone’s household usually leaves me with a euphoric feeling of satisfaction. Just prop me up in the corner near an electrical outlet, and out of everyone’s way, and let me strum. For me, this makes for a wonderful evening, especially if it’s amongst a fun, receptive audience.


Another good time is around an outdoor fireplace during the Autumn months. This is my favorite time of year. Hence the title of my first CD. Outdoor Summer gigs can be a lot of fun, but- if it’s really humid- then, setting me up away from sunlight with a good electric fan, or- in the air conditioned house- is preferred. Naturally, Winter gigs are held indoors but I have done some crazy near-zero-degree nights in Pennsylvania. They set me up, outside, under a tent- with one of those long, tubular heaters- and I strummed through the night. I was a bit chilled but not as bad as I figured. Spring? See my reference to Autumn. 🙂